Troubleshoot The Door Jam Error In HP Printers

How to Fix HP Printers Door Jam Error?

This is a kind of jam issue which generally occurs due to various reasons such as paper does not meet specifications criteria. Other reasons such as incorrectly installation of the component. The third reason may be due to users are using paper which has already been passed through a product. The fourth cause may be due to incorrect loading of an input tray or may be the paper is skewed. The most obvious reason is that the paper is removed before it settles down into the output bin or is in poor condition. So, these may be various causes of facing this error while working with the HP printers. Below are steps to Fix the Door Jam Error in HP Printers with appropriate explanations.

Fix the Door Jam Error in HP Printers

Steps to Troubleshoot the Door Jam Error in HP Printers

Step 1: Open the right door

  • Gently pull up the paper towards the outside position of the pickup area.
  • If it is the case where the paper is completely jammed as it enters the bottom of the fuser, then pull up the paper downward carefully to remove it easily.

Step 2: Remove the fuser

  • Now remove the fuser and then, check for any kind of jammed paper piece inside the printer.
  • Grasp up the fuser handles tightly, lift it up and then pull out to remove the fuser carefully
  • Open the jam-access door next and proceed further.
  • Now the next thing is to see whether the paper is jammed inside the fuser? If it is then, pull it up to remove them from any torn paper fragments
  • Now, simply close the jam-access door, and push the fuser into the product entirely.

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Step 3: Close the pick roller cover.

  • Check whether the pick roller cover is open. If so then, break the cover back into its original position.

Step 4: Close the right door

  • Clear all the jams appearing in the output bin section and check whether the paper is still in jam condition in the output bin or not?
  • If it is found that the paper is jammed then, gently pull out the paper, and tap on the OK button to clear the message.
  • Check whether the paper is jammed in the pickup area? If so then, gently pull out the paper.
  • Close the right door now.

Step 5: Set the jam recovery feature

  • Press the “Home icon” first.
  • Press the down arrow” now to highlight the “CONFIGURE DEVICE” menu, and then tap on the “OK’ button.
  • Now tap on the “SYSTEM SETUP” menu, and then press the “OK’ icon.
  • Now hit the down arrow to highlight the ‘JAM RECOVERY’ menu and then press the “OK” button.
  • The next thing is simply to highlight the appropriate setting, and then hit the OK button.
  • Click on the “Home button” icon to return to the Ready state now.

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